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Jim Ackerman

Jim Ackerman helps independent jewelers dramatically increase sales and profits through smarter, results-driven, "genetically engineered" marketing systems.

His clients regularly experience double-digit response rates using his surprising advertising techniques, and it is not common for Jim's jewelers to have 6-figure promotions, in as many as 6 days and as few as 1.
In his astonishing sessions he'll tell of stunning events a jeweler who generated $116,000 in 2 days, on a $2,000 advertising investment. But he'll also tell of more 6-figure successes, and how you can easily have some of your ow... Read more
Company Ascend Marketing, Inc.
Position President
Location Salt Lake City, UT


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Richard Baker

Founder of Premium Knowledge Group and author of many articles on LifeStyle Marketing. Richard was formerly a Senior Partner at J.D. Power & Associates. Prior to that he founded and lead Baker & Company,
a management consulting firm which he sold to J.D. Power in 1999.

Company Premium Knowledge
Position CEO
URL www.premiumknowlede.net


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David Brown

I graduated from Robbinsdale Cooper in 1984

I'll update later
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Cathy Calhoun


  • Owner of Calhoun Jewelers – retail jewelry store
  • Owner of Avanti Development LLC – commercial land Development Company
  • Owner of Café on Main & GOLD – restaurants
  • Owner of Spring City Elderly Housing – 138 units for low income seniors


  • Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America
  • Certified Gemologist Appraiser, The American Gem Society
  • Temple University


  • President of The American Gem Society – 2010-2012
  • Pennsylvania Jeweler of the Year 2009
  • Board Director for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
  • Past President of GIA Alumni As
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Laura Cave

In her role as Director of Education and Industry Relations for The Knot WeddingNetwork, Laura helps wedding professionals improve their marketing and sales skills with proven advice and market insights from the creators of the #1 wedding website, TheKnot.com. An accomplished marketing and communications professional and a five-year veteran of The Knot, Laura previously managed the company’s Investor Relations and Corporate Communications efforts.

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Terry Chandler

Diamond Council of America
Terry has been involved in every aspect of the retail jewelry industry including training, operations, development, management, and, now, distance education and association management.
He accepted the full time role of President/CEO of the Diamond Council in February of 2001 and oversees the organizations day to day operations at their Nashville, Tennessee offices. Upon assuming the position, Chandler worked with Performance Concepts and other industry resources to completely update both DCA’s Diamond and Colored Gemstone courses.  Chandler also led a two year pro... Read more

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Shane Decker

Ex-Sell-ence, Shane Decker Sales Academy
Shane Decker is president of Ex-Sell-Ence, Shane Decker Sales Academy and a featured contributor to INSTORE, the magazine for the American jewelry store owner. Having provided much sought-after sales training for more than 3,000 stores worldwide, you will gain valuable insights from each article. 
He discovered the truths, he now shares, at an early age when he took a job at a jewelry store in Garden City, Kansas. “Only one person in 10 has ever held a 1-carat diamond,” Shane says. “So you show it to them and let them hold it; it makes them fee... Read more

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Linus Drogs

Linus Drogs is a Casting Consultant for Palladium Alliance International (PAI). With more than two decades of casting expertise, his role at PAI include appearing at trade conferences, advising manufacturers on how to cast Palladium, and overseeing the creation and dissemination of technical information on the uses of Palladium. 
“I see my role as a conduit and technician to the jewelry manufacturing trade to help with the process and procedures in making Palladium jewelry,” says Drogs. “I offer my experience and expertise with a scientific approach on casting a white metal such as Pall... Read more

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Brett Edmondson

Brett’s one of a kind craftsmanship has enabled him to bring Besco Custom Jewelers to the forefront of jewelers in the College Station, TX area. His recent accolades include back-to-back wins in 2009 and 2010 at Chicago’s Bench Pressure Challenge in the category “diamond setting”. Today, Brett specializes in made-to-order, one-of-a-kind items in gold and platinum primarily for the local bridal market.

Company Besco Custom Jewelers
Position Owner
URL www.bescojewelers.com


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Nick Failla

Nick Failla is the founder of Collected Concepts, a consulting and fulfillment company that designs and implements behavioral-based training and marketing programs. He has over 20 years in the jewelry business and has been a guest speaker for major jewelry industry venues throughout the U.S. and Canada speaking on such subjects as internet marketing, special events, guerilla marketing, generational marketing, sales training and advertising. Nick has also addressed these subjects as an author in noted industry magazines.

Company Collected Concepts
Position Founder
Location Richmond, MI
URL www.collectedconcepts.com


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Alex Fetanat

Alex Fetanat is president and CEO of the GemFind Network, the jewelry industry’s premier online marketing company providing online business solutions and marketing tools.
During his world travels in the late 90’s, Alex took a liking to the jewelry industry and immediately recognized a need for a company that could provide the jewelry industry with an online presence and more advanced marketing tools; thus GemFind was born. Since 1999, the GemFind Network has become the leading destination for the jewelry industry. GemFind.net, the jewelry industry’s one-stop shopping destination for B2B online solutions, such as Website development and execution, online advertising and marketing, virtual jewelry and diamond inventory from hundreds of designers/manufacturers... Read more

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Sally Furrer

In 2011, Sally joined the consulting team at the Edge Retail Academy where her considerable and broad experience coupled with her merchandising expertise compliments the rest of the Academy retail specialists

Sally’s extensive experience in retail jewelry began working in the family business in Montreal, Canada. After the family relocated to Switzerland, she worked in sales for Bucherer, the largest retail jewelry chain in Switzerland. While in Switzerland she also worked at a gemological lab (SSEF) and for Cartier.

About that time she earned degrees in Jewelry Design and Gemology from the

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Company The Edge Retail Academy
Position Merchandise and Display Specialist
URL http://www.edgeretailacademy.com/


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Scott Ginsberg

Scott Ginsberg is the World Record Holder of Wearing Nametags. He's the author of twelve books, an award-winning blogger, independent publisher, commissioned artist, professional speaker and creator of NametagTV.com. He specializes in approachability, identity and execution.


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Keely Grice

Grice Showcase & Display

Fresh out of college, in 1976, Keely began working at ArtCarved in the Northern Virginia area as a territory manager. Originally from Charlotte, NC, he later accepted a position with Columbia Diamonds in order to return to his home town. 

In 1984 he was presented the opportunity to purchase a display company he had worked with for a number of years. Just married for 4 years, with daughter on the way, he took $100 out of his pocket to take the opportunity and a gentleman's agreement was made.

27 years later Grice Showcase & Display dedicates about 99 percent of its

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Howard Gurock

President, Econo-Lite

President of Econo-Lite, the leading supplier of energy-efficient, product-enhancing lighting to jewelry stores.


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Charlie Herner

A self-proclaimed country boy from Monroeville, Ohio, Charlie came to Seattle's Green Lake Jewelry Works to help take CAD to the next level so their clients can experience a piece they'd like commission in crisp 3D accuracy before it’s ever cast in precious metal. Having worked for several years as a CAD modeler focusing on detailed, producible designs, as well as spending several years of training at the jeweler’s bench, Charlie understands how jewelry works—both virtually and practically. Charlie originally trained in architectural drafting and graphic design, but eventually veered toward

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Company Greenlake Jewelry Works
Position Director of CAD Department
Location Seattle, WA
URL greenlakejewelry.com


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Marty Hurwitz

In 1985, Mr. Hurwitz founded MVI to offer research and market development services exclusively to the global gem, jewelry and watch industries. MVI's research services provide clients with critical strategic analysis and an overarching perspective gained


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Isaac Kornhauser

Isaac is a second generation jeweler who has perfected the art of flower casting and is skilled in CAD/CAM and hand engraving. He is the shop manager and jewelry designer at Bella Cosa Jewelers in Willowbrook, IL.


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Mike Magee

Magee is a computer-geek-goldsmith who runs his own CAD/CAM service bureau and
custom jewelry shop in St.Paul, Minnesota, Dolmen Metalworks. Having his own business allows Mike to bring more of his own creative ideas to fruition and enables him to help others create. He won “Best Jewelry Model” in the 2010 T-spline Organic Modeling

Company Dolmen Metalworks
Position Owner


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Konstantina Mahlia

Konstantina Mahlia was born in Vancouver BC Canada .The experience of growing up in multi cultural urban core as well as coming from a family with strong European roots, began to inspire a creative ability that showed from childhood and in 2005 manifested itself in a collection of 18 kt gold jewelry that began to garner the attention of the jewelry industry. When the industry paid attention, the awards soon followed.


WORLD GOLD COUNCIL PORTFOLIO 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012





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Jason Marchiafava

Jason is a third-generation jeweler with a specialty in engraving. He was awarded professional status by the Firearms Engravers Guild of America at 24 years of age. Jason presently works with a private firm specializing in ultra rare, colored gemstones, and museum-quality handmade jewelry. Jason's projects often feature his elaborate hand-engraving and special creative flair.


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Harout Markarian

Harout Markarian has been designing and developing custom website related products and marketing strategies specifically for the jewelry industry since 2003. Currently he leads a team of expert developers and search engine professionals at Fractal Creative creating thoughtfully designed web solutions built using the latest technology for jewelry stores and manufactures alike.


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Suereea Mathews

Suereea Mathews has been working in the jewelry industry for over eight years alongside her husband, Tyler Mathews, who has worked in the industry for 14 years. A Facebook beta-tester as early as 2006, Suereea has been familiar with the deepest details of the world's most popular social network since its infancy. In her position with GemFind as online marketing director, her goal is to teach jewelry retailers to convert "likes" into sales by optimizing content on social media networks and their websites.

Company GemFind
Position Chief Online Marketing Officer
URL http://www.gemfind.net


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Shane O'Neill

Location Oceanside, California


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David Peters

David Peters most recently served as the Director of Education & Industry Relations for Jewelers of America (JA). Prior to joining Jewelers of America, Peters spent seven years as an instructor at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where he had extensive experience training retail jewelers. He has also conducted seminars and educational programs at major industry events both within the United States and internationally.
Peters holds a master of science in education degree from Pepperdine University, is a graduate gemologist, and has more than 20 years of experience in the retail jewe

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Chris Ploof

Hailing from a small town in Massachusetts, award winning master jeweler Chris Ploof was once a skinny boy lurking around the local living history museum, watching awestruck as the craftspeople manipulated what had previously seemed unyielding: glass, tin, iron. All the while, his spirit was fusing itself to the use of heat and tools to ingeniously create utility and elegance. 

After traveling the world trying hands-on careers that spoke to his historical influences and technical skills, Chris found himself back on his boyhood path, attempting to make a forge improvised by a 55 gallon drum,

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Company Chris Ploof Designs
Position Owner and Designer
Location Leominster, MA
URL http://www.chrisploof.com


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Andrew Rickard

Andrew Rickard is a sales professional and one of the industry's top up and coming trainers. Through classic education and job experience, Andrew brings a distinct charm and polish to training seminars that is less about theory and more about real world experience. Delivered in a straight forward and easy to understand language, your entire staff from seasoned pros to new hires will benefit from this concise presentation based on his observations of the top 5% of jewelry sales professionals.


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Rex Solomon

In 2010 Rex became President of Houston Jewelry. He has been the subject of numerous jewelry industry trade magazine articles & interviews over the last few decades, and he has been a speaker at industry events and is considered an industry innovator as a multiple winner of the America's Best Jewelers Award.


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Laura Stanley

Laura V. Stanley, GG, MBA, is a 3rd generation jeweler at Stanley Jewelers Gemologist in North Little Rock, AR. She has worked in the family business since 1989, and she has come to specialize in custom design, remounts, and personal shopping for her customers.

Stanley Jewelers Gemologist celebrated its 75th birthday in 2011. Laura graduated from Texas Christian University, and completed her MBA at Webster University in Little Rock.

In 2010, Laura was named Jeweler of The Year by The Arkansas Jewelers Association. She has been nominated for The Women’s Jewelry Association Retailer of the Y

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Curt Vinson

Curt manages the Granbury location of Troy Vinson Jewelers. Curt is a graduate of the Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris, Texas. He is one of the few Texas Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler, the only one in Hood County. Curt has also archived the Jewelers of America Award of Excellence. Curt is also a talented CAD Designer. He is very involved in the jewelry industry and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Texas Jewelers Association.


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Marc Williams

Marc grew up in the jewelry business and always loved working with his hands, so he followed in his father's footsteps as a master craftsman and jewelry designer. Marc was one of the first in the United States to adopt CAD, or computer assisted design, thus mixing old world craftsmanship with modern technology.
Company MarcCo Custom Jewelers
Position Owner
Location Luzerne, PA
URL marccojewelers.com


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Amber Worley

Amber graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a focus in industrial design, though quickly discovered a true passion for designing and fabricating jewelry. Amber found a home at Green Lake where originally hired as a designer for the sales floor, working on rough sketches and the conceptual stages of custom jewelry. But it wasn’t long before she was getting her hands dirty at the jeweler’s bench, where she's now one of our most talented gold and platinumsmiths, taking rings from concept to completion. After years of fine work and training within Green Lake, her specialty on the bench

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